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0.35X Super Wide Angle Fisheye Macro Lens 58mm For Canon EOS 700D 650D 600D 550D 1100D Rebel T5i T4i T2i XSi SL With 18-55mm

€36.02 €27.40

Use: CameraBrand Name: FOTGAPackage: YesType: Zoom LensScene Type: TravelFull Frame: YesFocus Type: Macro LensLens Type: ManualWeight: 201g-300g

0.45x 58MM Wide Angle Macro Lens for Canon EOS 350D/ 400D/ 450D/ 500D/ 1000D/ 550D/ 600D/ 1100D Camera Lens

€22.48 €17.98

Use: CameraBrand Name: FOTGAPackage: YesLens Stabilization Type: Samsung OpticsType: Fixed Focus LensScene Type: WeddingFull Frame: YesLens Type: ManualLens UV Filter Size: 58mmWeight: 151g-200gFocal Length: 0.45x

12mm f/2.8 Ultra Wide Angle Fixed Lens with Removeable Hood for Sony Alpha and Nex Mirrorless E-Mount Camera A7 A7S A7R II


Brand Name: MeikeCaliber: 78mmModel Number: Meike 12mm f/2.8Scene Type: WeddingLens Type: ManualMaximum Aperture: f/2.8Weight: 301g-400gType: Fixed Focus LensFocus Type: Wide Angle-PrimePackage: YesLaunch Date: 2015Focal Length: 60mmMinimum Aperture: F22Zoom Mode: Fixed FocusFocus Mode: MfNumber of Diaphragm Blades: 9 BladesUse: Camera

35mm Camera Lens F2 Lens 1:2 AF / MF Wide-Angle Fixed / Prime Auto Focus Lens for Nikon for Canon

€179.40 €119.34

Use: CameraZoom Mode: Fixed FocusFocal Length: 35mmMinimum Aperture: F16.0Maximum Aperture: f/2.0Full Frame: YesNumber of Diaphragm Blades: 7 BladesLens UV Filter Size: 58mmLens Type: AutomaticBrand Name: YongNuoPackage: YesType: Fixed Focus LensMaximum Magnification: 0.230 timesScene Type: PeopleCaliber: 58cmWeight: 201g-300g

35mm F/2 lens YN35mm F2 lens Wide-angle Large Aperture Fixed Auto Focus Lens For Canon EF Mount EOS Cameras

€188.70 €149.85

Use: CameraMaximum Aperture: f/2.0Brand Name: YongNuoPackage: YesInterface Type: HasselbladLaunch Date: 2014Lens Stabilization Type: NoneCaliber: 35mmType: Fixed Focus LensScene Type: HumanFull Frame: YesFocus Type: Standard PrimeModel Number: YN35mm f2 For CanonLens Type: AutomaticLens UV Filter Size: 52mmWeight: 101g-150gFocal Length: 24-35mmOther: yongnuo35mm f2

35mm f1.7 C Mount CCTV camera Lens and C-NEX andMacro ring For Sony NEX-5 NEX-3 NEX-7 NEX-5C NEX-C3 NEX

€55.06 €33.99

Brand Name: MLLSECaliber: 35mmModel Number: cctv lensScene Type: HumanLens Type: ManualLens UV Filter Size: NoneFull Frame: NoLens Stabilization Type: NoneWeight: 101g-150gType: Fixed Focus LensFocus Type: Standard PrimePackage: YesLaunch Date: 2008Use: Camera

35mm f2 Lens YN35mm Large Aperture Auto Focus Lens for Canon EOS 5D Mark III 450D 60D 7DII 6D

€171.98 €114.79

Use: CameraCompatible Brand: CANONMaximum Aperture: f/2.0Full Frame: YesNumber of Diaphragm Blades: 7 BladesLens Stabilization Type: Canon ISType: Zoom LensFocus Type: Macro LensModel Number: YONGNUO 35mmLens Type: AutomaticFocus Mode: Af, MfZoom Mode: ZoomBrand Name: YongNuoLaunch Date: 2015Package: YesInterface Type: CanonMinimum Aperture: F22.0Maximum Magnification: 0.230 timesCaliber: 35MM Lens FOR CanonLens Size: 52.0*68.0mmWeight:...

35mm F2 Wide-Angle Large Aperture Fixed Prime Camera Lens for Sony NEX E Full Frame A7 A7SII A7RII A7R A6300 A6000 NEX-7

€220.53 €205.40

Use: CameraZoom Mode: Fixed FocusFocus Type: Wide Angle-PrimeMinimum Aperture: F16.0Weight: 301g-400gMaximum Aperture: f/2.0Brand Name: VILTROXFull Frame: YesLens Type: ManualFocus Mode: MfNumber of Diaphragm Blades: 7 BladesLaunch Date: 2015Interface Type: E-cardPackage: YesModel Number: FE-35Type: Fixed Focus LensScene Type: HumanLens UV Filter Size: 43mm

420-800mm F/8.3 - F/16 Telephoto Lens for Canon Nikon Minolta Pentax Sony DSRL

€145.95 €140.74

Use: CameraBrand Name: FOTGAPackage: NoType: Zoom LensModel Number: ALLens Type: ManualWeight: 801g-900gis_customized: YesFocus Type: Telephoto Lens

420-800mm F/8.3-16 Super Telephoto Manual Zoom Lens andT2 Mount Ring Adapter for Canon EOS DSLR Camera EF EF-S Mount Lens

€199.10 €128.67

Use: CameraMaximum Aperture: f/8Brand Name: lightdowPackage: YesInterface Type: NikonLaunch Date: Pre 2004Lens Stabilization Type: NoneNumber of Diaphragm Blades: 8 BladesFocus Mode: MfCaliber: 67mmFocal Length: 800Zoom Mode: ZoomType: Zoom LensMinimum Aperture: F16.0Scene Type: SceneryFull Frame: YesFocus Type: Tele-PrimeModel Number: 420800Lens Type: ManualLens UV Filter Size: 67mmWeight: 501g-600g

500mm f/8.0 Telephoto Mirror Lens with T Mount Filters for Canon EOS 1D Mark IV III II 5D 7D 60D Nikon DSLR Camera

€146.02 €140.81

Use: CameraMaximum Aperture: f/8Brand Name: docoolerPackage: YesScene Type: SceneryWeight: 601g-700gis_customized: Yes

50mm f1.8 AF MF Lens YN 50mm Auto Focus lens for Canon EOS DSLR Cameras with 3 gifts

€93.96 from €59.35

Use: CameraZoom Mode: Fixed FocusCompatible Brand: CANONWeight: 101g-150gMinimum Aperture: F22Number of Diaphragm Blades: 6 BladesFull Frame: YesLaunch Date: 2014Lens Type: AutomaticFocal Length: 50mmFocus Mode: Af, MfBrand Name: YongNuoPackage: YesInterface Type: CanonType: Fixed Focus LensFocus Type: Standard PrimeLens Stabilization Type: NoneModel Number: YN50Maximum Aperture: f/1.8Scene Type: PeopleLens UV Filter Size: 52mmLens...

50mm F1.8 Standard Prime Camera Lens Auto Focus Large Aperture for Nikon DSLR for Canon EOS 60D 70D 5D2 5D3

€100.64 from €67.93

Use: CameraZoom Mode: Fixed FocusWeight: 101g-150gMinimum Aperture: F22Full Frame: YesModel Number: YN50mmLens Type: AutomaticScene Type: WeddingFocal Length: 50mmBrand Name: YongNuoLaunch Date: 2015Package: YesType: Fixed Focus LensFocus Type: Standard PrimeFocus Mode: AfLens Stabilization Type: OpticsMaximum Aperture: f/1.8

60mm f/2.8 2:1 Super Macro Manual Focus Lens for Nikon F Mount D7200 D5200 D3200 D800 D700 DSLR

€269.81 €236.52

Use: CameraMaximum Aperture: f/2.8Brand Name: VILTROXPackage: YesInterface Type: Nikon FLaunch Date: 2015Focus Mode: MfFocal Length: 60mmZoom Mode: Fixed FocusMacro Magnification: 2.000 timesType: Fixed Focus LensMinimum Aperture: F22Scene Type: InsectFocus Type: Macro LensModel Number: 60mm f/2.8Lens Type: ManualLens UV Filter Size: 62mmWeight: 601g-700g